Fatal Conceit

The Fatal Conceit

Repulsive Obama Demagoguery: Conservative Vision is "Poisoning Our Kids"

Posted by Zachary Woodman on April 6, 2012 at 4:40 PM

Republicans want to kill children, at least that’s what you’ll hear if you listen to the pathological liar we have for a president. At a campaign fundraiser the other night, Obama used absolutely despicable demagoguery when he claimed that the republican vision is “poisoning our children,” alluding to environmental policy. “I believe that it is part of our solemn responsibility to future generations that we look after this planet; that we make sure our air is clean and our water is clean; that we’re not poisoning our kids,” he said.

So what’s Obama’s “vision?” His EPA last summer overstepped the executive branch’s powers by amending the Clean Air Act to include bans on Sulfur Dioxide. Trade Groups showed that it would increase utility bills and kill jobs by costing the coal industry $180 billion. American Electric Power had to close 5 plants, destroying 600 jobs and increasing prices on consumers by at least 30%. Since then, almost 80 plants announced at least partial closures, killing 10% of our energy supply. A December survey by the Associated Press found that 34 more plants were planning closure. It was later found by the EPA’s Inspector General that the scientific reports used to justify the regulations were not peered review, meaning that these regulations which have poisoned our kid’s families with higher energy costs and fewer jobs were based on junk-science.

The Center for Automotive Research reported that Obama’s CAFÉ standards to increase fuel mileage in the automotive industry to an unattainable 47 to 62 miles per gallon would increase car prices by as much as $9,790 and killing 262,000 jobs.

Meanwhile, Obama has increased the debt $5 trillion under his administration at our children’s expense, at a faster rate than any president in American history. Under his budget interest alone are going to become one of the biggest budget items in our government by the end of the decade. His healthcare plan is going to kill employer coverage by 4 million people at the end of the year according to the CBO, expand Medicaid by 22 million people, under which 66% of children are turned away from specialists, and have $82 trillion in liabilities. Instead of trying to preserve and reform our inefficient entitlement state, which keep our poorest individuals poor with substandard services, Obama is looking to increase the $118 trillion liabilities from these programs, more than eight times the size of our entire economy, which is continuing to grow on our children’s backs.

Obama is also killing our children’s liberties by expanding the PATRIOT Act, under the Dodd-Frank bill allowing the government to unilaterally loot property from private firms, expanding the FCC’s power, looking to restrict energy freedom and expanding regulations.

If killing hundreds and thousands of our children’s parents jobs, threatening their future with trillions in debt, destroying their liberty with more government intrusion in their lives, driving up the prices of products their families need with unconstitutional regulations and inflation isn’t “poisoning our children,” what is? President Obama, the American people aren’t fooled by your seizure of the very people whose lives you have raved to expand your power. The American people aren’t fooled by your unscrupulous demagoguery.

They realize that not wanting the government to abuse the constitution and destroy thousands of jobs via environmental regulation justified by junk science isn’t “poisoning our children.” Contrary to your imperialistic, statist despotism, the American people can live for themselves without government intrusion because they’re not stupid. Because they’re intelligent enough to do that, they’re intelligent to know when their fraudulent tyrant-of-a-president is lying.



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