Fatal Conceit

The Fatal Conceit

Obama Campaign Staffer Caught Fabricating Job Creation by Green Energy Subsidies

Posted by Zachary Woodman on May 4, 2012 at 8:30 PM

The Americans for Prosperity, a conservative political organization, recently came out with an ad which assailed Obama’s waste in his green energy policy. Since, the Obama campaign has been desperately trying to counter truth with lies. First, they released an ad featuring a map boasting several green energy companies which opened plants in foreign countries and were costing taxpayers millions per job as evidence of alleged American job creation as a result of green energy subsidies. Now, they have released a video featuring a campaign staffer Stephanie Cutter to completely fabricate facts to dispute the ad. Here’s the video featuring Cutter critiquing the ad:

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First of all, Cutter claimed that “President Obama has helped create or save hundreds of thousands of green energy jobs.” That’s fascinating, because according to the Department of Energy, DOE loans have gone to projects which have only created 60,000 jobs, the vast majority of which are temporary construction jobs which do nothing to invigorate long term growth. In case you can’t count like Cutter, 60,000 jobs is a far cry short of “hundreds of thousands” of jobs. It’s bad when Obama’s campaign rhetoric contradicts his own administration’s data.

Worse, these jobs do nothing to help the economy. We have spent an aggregate $34.7 Billion on green energy spending according to the DOE and only created 60,000 jobs, many of which were only temporary; that’s a cost of $578,333 per job, more than most of those jobs even pay. All that money comes out of the private sector by rolling it over to debt which leads to taxes and inflation, harming the middle class with higher prices and increasing the cost of production for producers destroying jobs elsewhere.

Examples of this waste include Spanish (hence not American) Solar company Abengoa, who created only 117 jobs after receiving $2.78 billion, that’s $14 million per job. Chinese-run (still not American) Mistique Solar got $377 million in subsidies and only produce 7 permanent jobs, that’s $53.8 million per job. Only 10 jobs produced for Maine-based Record Hill Wind at a cost of $12.8 million per job. I’d like Mrs. Cutter the number fabricator to explain how spending as much as $53.8 million per job produced is good for the economy.

She also claims that those “hundreds of thousands” jobs which only number at 60,000 were created “in all 50 States.” If one looks at a map by the Department of Energy which was recently referenced in an Obama campaign ad, displaying all their subsidies, one will notice that she’s right; all 50 states except Alaska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. Apparently Obama can give subsidies to all 50 states and exclude 11 of them at the same time. How the Obama campaign “can completely ignore the truth is breath taking.”

DOE Map. Image Available online at: https://lpo.energy.gov/?page_id=45.

She moved on to try and destroy some “crazy examples” from the AFP ad. First, she took on a $528 Million subsidy the ad attacked to Finnish-based car company Frisker to produce the $102,000 luxury electric car the Karma. The ad claims that the car was produced in Finland, which, by the way, is completely true. But Cutter finds fault in actual reality, and substitutes it with her own lies. “Um, no. The Department of Energy funding was specifically for U.S. jobs at U.S. facilities,” Cutter claimed. “Sure enough, the company is employing 700 workers in California and they’re planing to build a plant in Delaware.”

Um, no. Sure enough the company is only employing 500 workers in California, a full 200 or 40% less than Cutter claimed. Sure enough, as the San Francisco Chronicle reported last month, the company met with Delaware officials to say that they were exploring other options on building their plant, a fact that Cutter conveniently excludes. In addition, it is completely true that the funding went for the production of the Karma, which was produced not in the United States but in a Finnish factory. Cutter also so conveniently excludes the fact that, during a Consumer Reports test last March, the car completely died when it was going a full 65 MPH. In other words, Obama spends $528 million that don’t exist to go to a defective luxury car produced outside of the United States and a Delaware plant that may not even be built, and is now having his propagandists lie about it.

Last, she tried to attack a claim the ad made about a $1.237 billion subsidy given to a NRG-run solar project in California. She bragged how the company “is going to build a solar plant here, in America, with American workers.” How many American workers? 15. That’s $82.45 million in taxpayer funds spent per job; because spending $82 million per job is so good for the economy.

These pathological liars will say anything to get the president reelected so he can continue to expand the government’s control over your life and continue to destroy more jobs. They oppose allowing the market to determine our energy future rather than blowing taxpayer dollars we don’t have on failing cronies like Solyndra, Beacon Power and SolarReserve; they oppose allowing you to be free to choose your own energy, your own cars or even live your own life, rather they want to use government coercion to blow your hard-earned income, rob you of your liberty and decimate your prosperity. I would say “we’re goanna call them on their BS” like cutter did, but unlike the administration I have semblance of maturity.

The lack of respect for the voter’s intellect and the war on reality that this president wages is truly astonishing. Don’t believe a word these liars say.


UPDATE—7 May 2012

Americans for Prosperity responded to the dubious statements by Cutter Friday in a news release criticizing their advertisement. In addition to all the inaccuracies reported by LFN, AFP found that the company who originally owned the California Solar Valley Farm, SunPower, and originally received the $1.2 billion opened a manufacturing plant in Mexical, Mexico. Though the DOE loan was not earmarked for the Mexico plant, the fact is that they did give $1.2 billion taxpayer dollars to a company who was outsourcing jobs, which was AFP’s point. Meaning that this is yet another lie that Cutter told.

The tale of SunPower gets even worse when one considers that it’s owned by a French Oil Company, meaning that not only is it outsourcing but, like Abegona and Mistique, it’s not even American. So much for “American jobs.” They lost the California Solar Valley Farm to NRG after incurring $820 million in debt, which is 102.5% of its capitalization. Last quarter, they lost a net $72.4 million. So not only is this a foreign company who’s outsourcing jobs who received $1.2 billion taxpayer dollars and only produced 15 jobs, it is a failing foreign company who’s outsourced jobs and received $1.2 billion. It is also a sickening example of corruption as Rep. George Miller III’s son lobbied heavily for SunPower; in fact, Congressman Miller himself toured the plant with SunPower’s CEO in 2010. SunPower donated $14,650 to House Democrats in the 2010 elections. But the liars in the administration consider it a success.

As for the stoplights, the parts used to produce the stoplights were produced in China, AFP points out, rendering both their claims a half-truth.

You can read the AFP response by here.



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