Fatal Conceit

The Fatal Conceit

Romney Accuses Obama of Intentionally Leaking Intelligence for Political Gain

Posted by Zachary Woodman on July 25, 2012 at 5:40 PM

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney decided to try and take a hard-line against Obama yesterday and attack him for intelligence leaks that have occurred regarding the Osama operation in recent months. Romney accused Obama of intentionally leaking the intelligence for his political gain at a campaign speech before the Veterans of Foreign War. “This conduct is contemptible,” Romney said. “It betrays our national interest. It compromises our men and women in the field. And it demands a full and prompt investigation by a special counsel, with explanation and consequence."

Mitt Romney justified the statements after Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) speculated that the intelligence leak may have originated from the administration. ““I think the White House has to understand that some of this is coming from their ranks,” Feinstein said. However, Romney excluded the fact that Feinstein said President Obama did not do it. ““I don’t believe for a moment that he goes out and talks about it.”

After Romney’s statements, Feinstein backtracked on her speculation. “I am disappointed by the statements made by Mr. Romney today regarding a question I was asked yesterday at the World Affairs Council," Feinstein said. "I was asked whether the White House might be responsible for recent national security leaks. I stated that I did not believe the president leaked classified information. I shouldn't have speculated beyond that because the fact of the matter is I don't know the source of the leaks."

Obama, in the past, has passionately rejected the notion that the leak originated in his administration, even calling it “offensive.” “People, I think, need to have a better sense of how I approach this office and how the people around me here approach this office," Obama said in a June press conference.

Romney has come under attack from Republican critics for not coming down hard enough in his campaigning style on President Obama. The reality of the situation is that this is him trying to assuage those accusations. The problem is that Romney is going about it absolutely all wrong. Obama has given him issue after issue for Romney to tear the president apart on a silver platter.

Romney could go after Obama for the bankruptcies of Abound, Solyndra, Nevada Geothermal, Beacon Power and FirstSolar, all who received subsidies from the administration that Obama defends to this day. Romney could go after Obama for investigating his political dissenters. He could attack Obama for Fast & Furious. He could attack him for demanding higher healthcare costs for veterans, or the fact that the CBO yesterday reported ObamaCare would cause an additional 3 million children to lose their healthcare. Or maybe the more than forty promises he’s broken from 2008. Just earlier this week, the administration admitted to violating the Fourth Amendment in intelligence gathering under the PATRIOT Act; Romney could’ve easily attacked him for the hypocrisy of opposing the PATRIOT Act under Bush and now violating the civil liberties of Americans and united progressives, conservatives and independents under the banner of liberty in doing so.

Instead of using massive broad selection of unpopular policies, scandals and plain stupidity this administration has given the American people in the last four years, this is the best Romney can do? A wild-eyed conspiracy about an issue that isn’t even prevalent in most American’s lives? I mean Obama’s EPA destroys 10% of America’s energy supply and Romney is more worried about baseless speculation that Obama may have leaked intelligence?

This is the President who could hardly pass a healthcare bill in a year with a majority in both Houses. He’s so incompetent he can’t even do that, but somehow he’s able to coordinate an international conspiracy to leak intelligence? Romney could destroy Obama on a vast amount of issues and stand up for the prosperity and liberty Obama has assaulted in the process; instead he chooses this obscure issue and looks like a tin-hatted conspiracy theorist.

Even if Romney would’ve chosen this issue, quoted Feinstein and said that Obama was irresponsible for excluding any premise that the leak may be in his administration it would’ve been wise and Romney would’ve been wise. It would’ve accomplished the same ends, Obama would look like he’s more pettily concerned with his political career than national security; but instead he comes up with this?

Romney could choose any other issue and turn it into the deep philosophical debate this election is really about: liberty versus tyranny. But instead he drops the ball at almost every turn and, instead of uniting the American people under the banner of liberty, just comes off as another politicians in a petty election. Of course he’d so much better than Obama as a president, but he is seriously making mistakes in this campaign.


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